Foundation of the next-generation Newsroom

News is all about; Speed. The successful news broadcaster is the one who can make a breaking story into high quality media content in the least time. The Markaz News Management System automates the procedures of a newsroom. It guarantees responsive, fast and secure workflow for the news production and other TV programs. Content creation, production, distribution, archiving and curation – everything is possible in few simple steps! Markaz is based around a complete story-centric workflow including multiple solutions and new feature enhancements for modern newsroom management and news production.

What Sets Us

Markaz has often been heralded as one of the most flexible news management system available. With its straightforward interface, it's very easy to learn and work on. The cost-effective News Management System is available within your budget, which will help you produce efficient results in shorter period of time.

Story Centric Workflow

Total Control of Rundown

Story-Cost Feature

Real-time 3D Graphics Integration


Enables a process that mimics the convenience of an
"in-place" customization. Changes are done conveniently in prerequisite workflow.


Experience supreme reliability and exceptional support as Markaz provides solutions in multiple languages.

Markaz Mobile

Now you can create, view, edit, review, and approve stories and rundowns from anywhere by using the Markaz App.

Maximum Productivity

With Markaz you can enjoy a user friendly interface, and gain a whole new level of speed and efficiency through MOS protocol.

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