One Interface, Infinite Possibilities

The Markaz News Management System guarantees responsive, fast and secure workflow for the news production and other TV programs. Markaz is MOS compliant and can be easily integrated with other softwares. You can easily access and contribute to any story from a single interface on your computer or mobile device. Whether you’re tasked with assigning stories, writing scripts, gathering content, editing footage, reviewing packages, or delivering content; everything you need is all within easy reach. In Markaz, the rights given to the Reporter, Copy-editor and the Rundown producer are flexible and can be set and changed according to the requirements of the channel.
Story Centric Workflow
With the story-centric workflow, news teams are now empowered with greater capabilities to create, collaborate, manage, and deliver a wider range of content to a wider range of viewers; faster and in more ways than ever.
Total Control of Rundown
It calculates the remaining time by monitoring the length/duration of the prompter texts and the finished videos.
Graphics & Tiles
The user can also insert graphics by using templates or the Active-X of the chosen MOS compatible CG.
This feature enables user to keep complete track record of a given assignment including budget, expenses, feedback & all the people working on it.
News Order
Through this unique feature you can make any change at anytime in the rundown. The changes, which are being made, are reflected simultaneously in all the terminals.
Enables a customization process that mimics the convenience of an "in-place" customization. Custom changes are done conveniently in prerequisite workflow and BI reporting.

Success Stories

Centre for excellence in Journalism, based at IBA's City Campus in Karachi, offers online and in-person training modules for journalists and media professionals from all parts of Pakistan. Markaz has been deployed at the IBA - CEJ for over a year and successfully running as a state-of-the-art Newsroom Management hub providing hands-on practice to the journalists.

USAID - Centre for excellence in Journalism

NEO TV is one of the successful news broadcasters, who take pride in a streamlined, proven workflow supported by Markaz. Markaz has been functioning seamlessly at the NEO TV since 2015. It is built on the openness and integration platform with the efficiency, media access, remote collaboration, and multiplatform engagement that today's competitive news environment demands.


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